Moon Island is a wolf role playing game where the players write a story, with other online players, about the wolves that inhabit the island. The game was created on December 12th 2001 by Kaziph, who is also the current administrator of the game. It has only ever been owned by one person, and the server and domain name are bought and paid for by Kaziph. Moon Island has never gone on hiatus since its creation. Over the past eight years the game has thrived on input from "newbies", who are new to the role playing by post world, and "veterans", who have been around for years at a time and love the game. The site will continue to be around for as long as there is anyone who needs a place to come and write, either to vent or to express their amazing creativity in writing. Whether you decide to join or continue on browsing the web, thanks for visiting Moon Island! General Moon Island is run by a Christian which means - stated simply - that the following are not tolerated: cussing, porn of any type, religion bashing, out of character fighting on the site, names that can be considered offensive, long breeding, and deliberately provoking another character or person. If any member of the game breaks this first and basic rule, the owner has a right to ban them from the game. Out of Character At this game we seek to improve the writing skills of all who pass through our doors, so to speak. It doesn't matter if you are new the role playing world or are the most talented and experienced gamer on the net. Everyone has room to become better. Although it is considered decent by most players to have posts with at least three sentences, it is not forbidden to have less. Time restraints have held us all in check at some point or another. When you do post, please make sure to check for spelling and punctuation errors before clicking the submit button. If you want your character to speak aloud, instead of using quotation marks, put what they say in bold. Likewise, if you want to show your character's thoughts or have them speak through body language, use the italics option. We fully encourage and love to see character images at Moon Island, and there are links to studios that can create them scattered across the boards. If, however, you decide to publish an image with your character in any post, please make certain that the image does not exceed 500 pixels in width so that the boards are not are not stretched. The same rule applies to a member's personal signatures. In Character Wolves are complex creatures and by playing them we celebrate their lives. If you do not know much about wolves, please read about them at places like before joining. In order to join your new character into a pack, you must have him or her submit to the alpha by showing his neck or stomach and lowering his tail. The alpha will more than likely accept him, and he will begin his rise in the ranks. There are three packs at Moon Island currently. There will be no more unless the owner decides to add them to the game; do no ask to be made alpha. The position of alpha is played by a member chosen by the owner of the game. This means that once a leading character steps down, the new leading character's player must be approved by the owner before any plot decisions are made. Also, the alpha can be overthrown, but only if there is a plot in motion made by several members and they have the alpha player's permission. Wolves may not claim the other lands - they are meant for all characters to be able to enter freely. Only during mid winter are wolves allowed the mate. As before mentioned, long breeding is not allowed. Please use common sense when it comes to making new cubs. A female wolf cannot carry twenty pups and have any live to tell the tale. Small litters are preferred but occasionally larger ones are okay'ed by the owner. Clan wolves need to ask permission of their leader before deciding to scamper over to the cub creation page. The only colors allowed in this game for the character's pelts are the typical, that-you-would-find-in-the-wild colors. That means we do not accept green, blue, purple, or any other strange, unnatural colors. No part of the wolf may contain any personal effects, either. A wild animal would not be wearing earrings or necklaces - therefore, they are not allowed in this game. Fighting is a common thing that takes place in wolf packs in the wild. However, during game play it is difficult to fight and have a winner because most people begin to 'god-mode' (playing both their character and their opponent or dodging every attack). Therefore, the only fights that are allowed are the ones already decided in plots made by the members. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Finally, Moon Island is a semi-realistic game, which means that while the wolves cannot have magic or be terribly abnormal, some things are acceptable. What is or is not will be determined on a case-by-case method. If you are unsure, please contact the owner before posting. You have now been over the rules and know the basics that are required. But we are not done yet! This game accepts new players, but only on the condition that with time they seek to improve their writing abilities. For older and more experienced players, the expectations below apply to you as well. Grammar You are expected to know the elementary rules for writing in order to play here. Run-on sentences are more annoying than almost anything else, especially when reading it. It's alright if you are unfamiliar with run-on's and don't know that you are writing them, but be sure to listen to the advice given by more senior gamers. Also (and this gets me all the time) make sure you are using commas where they are needed, and do not put them in a sentence just to 'liven it up'. The last thing that falls under the grammar expectations is the ' symbol that is placed in words with letters missing (such as 'pon instead of upon). This is more for the advanced players, but it is terribly irksome to see them scattered throughout posts. They are not against the law, but please refrain from using them in every post. Writing & Posting The writing here is fairly easy. Write good sentences and try to spell words correctly. When making a post, describe your character, how he acts, what he does and sees, and what is around him. Please try to be somewhat creative. You do not have to write massive posts just to feel like you fit in, though it is appreciated by those your characters interact with if you include at least three sentences. More is diffidently fine, and less is acceptable only occasionally when time does not allow for longer posts. If you've decided to join Rhardia - Moon Island, Wolf RPG, fill out the form below and post it. One of the administrators will read through it and either accept or reject your character. Please refrain from posting until your character has been accepted. Member Name: Character Name: Pronunciation: Gender: Age: Fur Color: Eye Color: Other: Please note that the longer and more detailed your joining form is, the more likely you are to be accepted. It doesn't have to be a book or even a paragraph, but please don't just put one word answers for the 'other' or 'fur color' sections. Do not add numbers to your member name. This site is not big enough to need to add numbers to member names. We are informal, tight-knit, and sociable. Just pick a name that you want to be called/referred to by while on Moon Island. It's just like a nickname. Also, if you are a first time member posting your first character, let us know how you found us in your joining form. If this bit of information is not in your post, you most definitely will not be accepted because I'll know you haven't even read through what little information is on this page!