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Name: Harlow
Nicknames: None
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence: none
Rank: Loner
Quote: "just a slave unto the night"
Song: I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons
Game: none


Species: Gray Wolf
Build: Overall Harlow is a moderate sized wolf, averaging about 110lbs and standing at 30" tall.
Fur Color: Black Phase - he is mostly black in color, though his fur is rippled with some earthy grays and browns. As he ages, his fur will continue to lighten.
Eye Color: Saffron - a yellowish orange.
Fur Length: Short-Medium, but densely layered especially around his ruff.
Distinguished Markings: Gray-brown accents all over. His ears, paws, muzzle/throat, and back are all areas that remain darker than the rest of him.


Likes: • Freedom • Knowing stuff • Logic
Dislikes: • Lies and secrets • Feeling like he has no purpose • Loneliness
Strengths: • Adaptable • Intelligent • Stubborn
Weaknesses: • Judgemental • Wanderlust • Selfish
Habits: • Following his nose • Seeing negatives before the positives • Not staying in one place for long
Demeanor: • Independent • Inquisitive • Collected


Father: unnamed
Mother: unnamed
Siblings: Three brothers and two sisters (all currently unnamed)
Mate: None
Offspring: None

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