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Name: Dandy
Nicknames: None
Age: Unborn Pup
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: AA
Residence: None
Rank: Pup (loner)
Quote: "dreamer, tripping on your highs"
Song: Vibes by Tove Lo feat. Joe Janiak
Game: AA


Species: Maned Wolf (Kalak)
Build: Takes after both parents.
Fur Color: Black
Eye Color: Sky blue with jade green flecks.
Fur Length: Medium
Distinguished Markings: Patches of toffee blonde, similar to the pattern of a tortoiseshell cat. These sunshine spots spatter irregularly over his body, leaving half his face slashed with gold and one ear spotted in the same bright color.


Likes: • Adventure • Wolves with a sense of humor • Playing games
Dislikes: • Being left out • Mud • Indecision
Strengths: • Large heart • Observant • Persistent
Weaknesses: • Boredom • Impulsive • Pretty faces
Habits: • Wandering off to go on adventures • Willing to try anything at least once • Silent and contemplative when he's undecided
Demeanor: • Young at heart • Outgoing • Caring


Father: Midas
Mother: Dreamcatcher
Siblings: Anise, Lie Ren, and Kino
Mate: None
Offspring: None

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