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Name: Astin
Nicknames: None
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence: None
Rank: Loner
Quote: ""


Species: Timber Wolf
Fur Color: Timber Brown with black accents - base color is a light cream to off white on his underside, lower legs, and lower portion of his jaw/cheeks. The cream fades to a more saturated and darker tan to rusty brown. Along his topline and through his ruff, the brown is rippled and peppered with black but draped over his sides and extending down his legs a bit the black is nearly solid. He also sports a strikingly similar black mask to his mother's, though his is much bolder and crisper.
Eye Color: Golden, with just the faintest flecks of green
Fur Length: Medium-Long, depending on season
Distinguished Markings: Black mask


Likes: • • •
Dislikes: • • •
Strengths: • • •
Weaknesses: • • •
Habits: • • •
Demeanor: • • •


Father: Rhoderyc
Mother: Shadia
Siblings: Asa, Arya, and Migoi
Mate: None
Offspring: None

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