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About Me

If you are really that curious about me, here's a little background information on myself that you might find interesting.

OOC Name


Started Roleplaying

September 2001

Past RPGs

I have mostly roleplayed in the past on the horse rpgs, Hoofbeats and Mist Meadows predominantly and also on the wolf rpg, Moon Island. If you go back further than that, I actually got my true start roleplaying on a few wolf and horse rpgs on Yahoo Groups, waaay back before boards2go and voy based sites became a thing. I had dabbled in some AvidGamer sites at one time but for the life of me, I cannot recall which sites.

Current RPGs

I don’t really RP actively anywhere else currently, though I do dabble in a roleplaying humans/fantasy on a few other sites, but I'm really not that active there.


Other than roleplaying, I like to art for fun, mostly manips and more recently some digital drawings/doodles but I’m not great. I also enjoy dabbling in some traditional art when I can, mostly painting. And reading, can't forget reading! In real life, I live on a farm with my family and love it though it often keeps me busy and leaves little time for much else.


I have furbabies galore since I live on a farm! 2 cats, 1 bird, 1 horse, and a herd of about 40-50 beef cattle… and yes, I do count them all as my furbabies!
I've had a wide assortment of other pets in the past including dogs, chickens, rabbits, fish, and briefly a potbelly pig named Sally.

Two truths and a LIE

I am left handed.
I am terrified of squirrels.
I am allergic to bourbon.

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